Creative Imaging’s New Xerox iGen3 is World’s “Greenest” Printing Press

Our new Xerox iGen digital color press is very eco-friendly. According to Xerox, it’s the most “green” machine designed for the commercial printing industry. Up to 97% of its components are recyclable or remanufacturable, and unlike offset printing presses, it requires no chlorinated solvents, acids, or flammable materials such as acetone. Here’s more information on the green printing virtues of our new iGen press at Creative Imaging.

No Harmful Chemicals, No Offset Printing

Creative Imaging has no offset equipment of any kind; we only use digital print technologies. So whether you need full color or black ink printing, you can be assured that no harmful chemicals were used in its production.

Conserve Paper with Print on Demand Solutions

Creative Imaging has been a pioneer in advocating print-on-demand solutions to the St. Louis business community since 1992. Since up to 50% of offset printing is commonly wasted, our print-on-demand technology greatly reduces paper consumption. Books, brochures, postcards, and other documents are printed “just in time” in relatively small quantities and only when they are needed. By cutting down on print waste, Creative Imaging’s print-on-demand solutions not only save our customers money, but they also conserve resources.

Recycled Waste, Recycled Paper, Renewable Energy

We have been recycling our paper waste and chipboard since the late 90’s. Virtually 100% of our waste is put in recycled bins, which are subsequently picked up and recycled.

At your request, we will use recycled papers to support your own green printing initiative.

As a voluntary member of Ameren UE’s Pure Power Program, Creative Imaging supports the development of renewable energy sources.