Customers are under siege, bombarded by marketing messages at every turn. The problem for most companies? There’s only so much attention to go around. You need to grab what you can. Companies must speak with their customers...not at them. By integrating your database information into a document layout, Creative Imaging can show you how to:

•   Personalize your direct mail to maximize impact and jump-start sales.
•   Build long-term customer relationships through CRM print programs      (Customer Relationship Management).
•   Turn statements into full color marketing dynamos with customer specific data      and cross-promotional sales copy.
•   Personalized URLs (PURLs) will turn database names into leads, or leads into     customers. Response rates of 10% plus are quite possible. PURL marketing     campaigns integrate with web and email for instant, meaningful, “opt-in”     responses. All elements of the campaign are measurable in real time.     
    View a snapshot of how a PURL campaign works.

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