Option Two
A More Feature-Rich Transfer Process
Transfer one, two, or three files simultaneously using our most elegant and intuitive FTP solution.  Requires no application or driver installation on your computer, only needs the use of a Java-enabled internet browser. You may send files at will via our simple DropBox feature, or have us establish an FTP user account. Regular users will want to have us create an account for them to take full advantage of this service. All transfer operations take place on our secure servers, and should pose no interference with your system's security or network firewalls.
For all file transfers, and especially transfers of multiple files, we recommend that you create an archive file that contains all the necessary items before uploading them to our servers. We suggest StuffIt for Mac platform; WinZip for Windows platform. This allows any number of files to be transferred at one time, and offers the benefit of file compression, which will greatly reduce the time that the transfer will take.

Option One
Quick - Easy

A simple file transfer. Choose this option when the files are too big for email attachments and you want to get a file to us fast.